Timothy R. Kroboth, Attorney at Law

Kroboth Law Office Has Successfully…


¨ Enforced Claims of U.S. and Foreign Patents

¨ Invalidated or Opposed Claims of U.S. and Foreign Patents

¨ Guided Clients into Technology Harbors Clear of Infringement

¨ Enforced U.S. Trademarks and Copyrights

¨ Opposed and Canceled Registration of U.S. Trademark Applications

¨ Licensed Numerous Patents that it has Obtained for Its Clients


“Patent writing

is a skill best understood

by a practitioner

successful in

invalidating patent claims

and guiding clients

around existing patent claims.”


- Timothy R. Kroboth

Kroboth Law Office Specializes in…


¨ Patents

¨ Trademarks

¨ Copyrights

¨ Unfair Competition

¨ North Carolina Pharmacy Law

¨ Internet Law